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The Sugarplum Elves bring vim, vigor, zip, zing and just the right amount of WHEEEEEE! to most any occasion.

We are a song-and-dance variety act that specializes in singing telegrams and seasonal entertainment. Elves have also been known to add flair to birthday bashes, bicycle races, bat mitzvahs, art openings, go-go dance parties, and there was that one time that we provided some PG-rated entertainment for Santa's best friend’s bachelor party. If there's fun to be had, we’ll be there!

Does your event need elfertainment? Contact our booking elves for more information:

San Francisco
Honey Elf -

Sprinkles Elf - 831 252 8490,


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Singing Telegrams, Caroling, Holiday and Party Entertainment in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland less cake, more frosting.