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All Singing, All Dancing, All Adorable Seattle Elf Troupe!

Who are the Seattle Sugarplum Elves?
The Seattle Sugarplum Elves are a performance group who sing, dance and generally entertain. We will come to your event in matching holiday costumes and adorable elf personalities. We have a large repertoire of holiday songs and dances to pick from.

Where do Seattle Sugarplum Elves entertain?
- Holiday Parties — Private or Business
- Charity Events
- Intermission Acts
- Pouring Beer and Serving Food, in character of course!
- Singing Telegrams — a medley of singing and dancing, a personalized card and a gift of chocolate or candy for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, even Bar Mitzvahs!
- Photo Booth — we can bring our own, or use yours! We post the photos on our website for convenient download.
- Caroling
- Orů Do you want something a little different? We are great at catering our look and music to your event. Let us know - we'll try to accommodate your request!

Prices vary with the amount of elves and entertainment needed, but we're happy to work with your budget. And let us know if you are a non-profit!

Muchas smooches,
Blinky, Dixie, Roxie, Tootsie, Two Shoes, Stripes, Schprintzel, Sprinkles, Pumpkin, Punchy, Cookie, Inky, Shoelace & Shenanigans

in Seattle, contact Sprinkles Elf
831 252 8490
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YTN photobooth - © Sugarplum Elves 2006-2011
Singing Telegrams, Holiday and Party Entertainment in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland your source for festive benevolence!